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03/17/2005, 04:32 PM
Hello guys my name is Ray. i live in Ft. Myers and am extremely active in the reef hobby. I've been looking for a local club down here but there doesn't seem to be a well organized group. I've been reading your posts and you seem to be an active group wtih much the same interests. I love boating,scuba, seining, etc. Sometimes I get too busy and forget how much I love it but wenever I can get back out there it's heaven. Myself and, most probably, my friend ben would be interested in joining your club. What's involved with membership? Thanks, Ray.

03/17/2005, 05:14 PM
just give agu ur e-mail addy's and start coming to meetings!
Hope to see u at a meeting

03/17/2005, 07:02 PM

Got your pm and sent you an email. Also added you to the club email list.

Welcome to the club !!


03/17/2005, 11:18 PM

Your email bounced and I cut and pasted it. Just send me an email.


03/18/2005, 11:01 AM
AGU, I tried to email you through the board and it wouldn't allow it. Try PM me?

03/18/2005, 08:44 PM
Hi Ray,

I was wondering about other reefers in the Ft Myers area since I work there. Maybe you can lead me to some good LFS in your area.

If you work out any trades or sales with other club members I can probably help out with transporting the goods between Sarasota and Ft. Myers since I do the trip every day. That might make your activity in this club easier.

Hope to meet you at the next meeting.


03/19/2005, 04:09 AM
Hey Dave, Thanks for the offer. LFS's in this area are hit and miss. They rarely have colorful stuff and when they do they want top dollar for it. I guess it's like anywhere else, you have to get lucky. That's why I've begun to turn my attention toward other reefers and clubs. People who care more about the hobby than making every dollar they can off each item. There are really only two sources in Ft. Myers. Boardroom aquatics and Ocean Environments. There's a wholesaler in Bonita who has some decent stuff at times and sells to public Fri - Sun but he's unreliable. Best place in this end of the state is Fish Central in south Naples. I too spend a lot of time traveling. I used to get up around sarasota a couple times a week but recently I'm covering the south end of the state. My friend Ben now covers your area. I'm sure he'll probably be along to the meeting also. Take care, Ray

03/19/2005, 09:44 PM
Ray, My icon for RC mail was disabled :rolleyes: . It's good to go now so send me an email and I'll cut and paste your address to the club list.

BTW, I'm a better reefer than computer geek :o .