View Full Version : Brazilian Seahorses, round 2

09/03/2000, 09:25 PM
Okay, so the first batch didn't make it. I left the male & female in the tank too long, and they ate most of the young.

The male is quite inflated; I expect him to pop again next week. Here's the setup:

I'll be putting him in a 29g tank, lit by standard fluorescents and filtered with a fluval canister. I modified the filter by putting sponge in the intake tube (to slow the return flow down), and I covered the intake with sponge and cheesecloth.

This time around, I'll be placing about twenty stands of weighted monofilament line, lifted by small plastic globes. The caulerpa was too big for the babies to grasp, last time.

I'm also going to contain the male in a betta box in the tank, so he can't chase down the young.

Any other ideas?