View Full Version : My first SPS !!! What do I do now?

02/03/2005, 06:52 AM
Hey guys,

I just got a awesome screamin green Hydnophora. After getting home i could not rember the name of it and found a pic here on reef central and did some research. This thing kills everything that it touches. :worried:

I am running 130W PC on my 29 gallon reef and some say thats enough, some say only MH. It looks very well adjusted.

I got it for a great price (thanks VPC) and love the thing. But, i should have done my homework. Any1 have some hands on experience with these.


02/03/2005, 11:53 AM
They are considered LPS/SPS. I some under my MH. Mine grows really slow.

02/08/2005, 02:02 PM
Hey Nathan :)

The genus Hydnophora is from the family of Merulinidae which I consider to be an SPS (I could be wrong though). There are 6 types of hydnophora that Im familiar with.

hydnophora Pilosa
hydnophora rigida
hydnophora grandis
hydnophora exesa
hydnophora microconos
hydnophora bonsai

I have had a few of these and probably the least common ones would probably be bonsai and microconos. rigida and grandis are probably your more common ones in the aquarium trade. I think that you will probably be ok with your lighting but I would definately put it in the upper column of your tank. Also try and give it some good flow. As far as sweeper tentacles I would think as long as your 2-3" away from other corals then you should be ok. Check it at nite after lites out so you can see its most potential w/ the tentacles.

02/09/2005, 04:46 AM
Thanks Rocky. Will do.
Did you get my PM???