View Full Version : Finally caught that last mantis... ... I hope.

12/18/2004, 06:50 PM
Well... after a few months of trying, I finally caught what I hope is the last mantis in my 90g. WOOHOO!!! :dance:

Now normally, most people would send these critters to meet Mr. Septic Tank... however, after having a dedicated mantis tank and watching my little Pookie grow up, I think others should have a chance to see these animals in a different light, also.

So for a limited time only, you too can have your very own cuddly-wuddly mantis shrimp for FREE!!! Just so you know, it's your typical N. Wennerae smasher mantis that hitches in on TBS rock. It is presently a rusty red in color but they can change... Pookie started out rusty red and is now almost fluorescent chartreuse (darn near glows in the dark).

Send me a PM if you are interested, but please, only if you are serious about wanting a mantis and have a setup available. I live in North Port and would be willing to make arrangements to meet if not too far.

Thanks everybody and happy reefing!