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11/07/2001, 06:12 PM
If I use the 32watt retro, What kind of anemones could I keep on my nano? I just want the nano for 1 great looking anemone, which one could I get?

THX in advance

11/08/2001, 09:10 AM
Well, Aipstasia for sure :D , but I would do better than 32w for long term anemone sucess. Bulb tips (E.Quad) seem to be the most tolerating of light.

Now my .02... Even though I am being stupid by putting a $100 anemone in my 7, I don't recommend it! That tank size is really not the best set up for an anemone. The system should be established (~1 yr old), and have perfect water parameters. Things like continuous top off and temperature stability are important to anemonies, and more difficult to control in a tiny reef.

11/08/2001, 12:50 PM
I have a tube anenome in my 6 gallon eclipse. They like a deep sand bed so I landscaped a deeper area in the center back with a little rock retaining wall. I feed it a variety of pellets or live brine shrimp. Guest really love it. Quite a beautiful disply as the bright tentacles fill out almost the whole tank. You throw pellets in the water and the tentacles grab the pellets and pulls it in the mouth. I also have a few micro hermits, tiny fan worms, spagetti worms, and snails and peppermint shrimps in there with xenia and anthelia. I wouldn't recommend ANY host anenome in there.

12/15/2001, 12:47 PM
What if the 7g Bowfront is hooked up to the 125g display tank like a refugium? And also what if I put a 150HQI 10,000k pendant over it? This will cover the lighting deal and also the temperature and salinity fluctuations.... And with it being hooked up to the 125g, well the parameters are going to be really stable...

IF the anemone gets too big I will put it on my display tank, but first I have to upgrade the lighting on the display tank.... To metal halide...

THX in advance....

Mario Camou