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05/27/2004, 11:02 PM
No problem Layne, I will offer what ever help I can. I can't believe there was another anenome on there!! I still have one large one in our 30 gallon tank. They are healthy for sure. Maybe Jeff can come by this weekend and pick up some more stuff. I can't wait to finally get to meet you sometime Jeff. The frag you sent is doing great. As all of the others. I just cannot wait for my 215 Oceanic to get here!!! Gonna have to get a crew together to bring her in the house. I was told 400 lbs. The regular 180 was not that bad for a friend of mine and I. Hopefully a week away.

05/31/2004, 07:49 AM
ibassfhs, did you order it local in Jackson? that beast is going to be heavy, my 100 made with 3/8" glass is a good 300#
if you move the beast on Saturday you got my back.