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08/29/2001, 09:40 AM
Hello all, in looking through recent posts I know there has been discussion on whether or not to use a cover glass with the 10 hood from AH Supply. I currently do not use a cover glass with my homemade canopy on my 5 gallon tank. My canopy is just under 4 inches tall. According to AHSupply, their canopy is 3.45 inches tall, so just a 1/2 inch difference there. I get a little bit of salt spray on my bulbs but I just wipe it off every morning when I add top-off water.

So I do not want to use a glass top with the 10 gallon AHSupply canopy I am getting ready to order. My question is: Is this canopy designed to sit on a glass top, or does it securely sit on the inner lip of the tank with no glass top necessary?

Thanks alot!

08/29/2001, 09:57 AM
I have one (haven't set it up yet) and it's designed to fit in side the channel of the 10 gallon plastic lip, cover or not. Just be aware that it doesn't fit the tank completely, from front to back.

I am going to add a glass cover, since I have a Randalli Goby in there, ans the last one decided to go carpet surfing with two firefish (some party: Jonestown, maybe?!?!...don't drink the punch!!) I purchased an AGA cover to tie me over until I can get a solid piece made @ the local glass shop. Just need to keep the little buggers in there!!

08/29/2001, 11:24 AM
I'm using the 10 gallon Canopy from AH Supply as well. I don't use a glass cover.

It fits perfectly in the inside lip of the tank - AH Suggest that you use a cover because of salt creep getting on the bulbs. They also suggest you use one incase the hood falls into the water - I don't see this happening. It fits really well.

I was wondering about glass getting hot from the lamps then maybe a splas of water on that hot glass if that would break it or not. I have a piece of glass that I had cut at Home Depot for this but it is really thin glass.

I alsothought about using clear plexiglass - but didn't know what that would do to the light -

Any suggestions.

you can see some pictures of my tank here (www.bigchili.com/nano/pictures) - just wade through them - they are named pretty good.

good luck

08/29/2001, 11:56 AM
Bigchili, I have used my canopy without a coverglass for 2 years without any splashing incidents. I get a bit of salt creep, but not too bad. I am running 2x32 watt CSL power compacts. The power compacts get fairly warm, but nothing like a metal halide. The only splashing/breaking accidents I have ever heard of involve metal halides. I don't think we have to worry with our relatively low-wattage power compacts.

I do always try to ensure that my tank is topped off to the highest level to avoid any unnecessary splashing from my HOB filters.

Thanks for the info!

08/29/2001, 12:52 PM
I was refering to the cover glass breaking - and maybe that is what your refering to - I just had a piece of "Window Pane" glass cut at Home Depot - pretty thin stuff - I don't use it.

My tank is always topped off too - mine has been running now for 6 days and not a single splash drop on the bulbs or reflectors yet... (knock knock)

I'm just gong to throw this in here - but:

I don't have anything in my tank but the LR right now - but I still get yelled at from my wife saying - "WhAT THE HELL ARE YOU LOOKING AT!!!" I just stare and stare - you never know what your going to see. I have some small tube worms on the rock and a couple of polyps - the little microscopic "reef bugs" are starting to crawl on the glass - i love it - something new everyday!!!

Just thought I'd say that.

08/29/2001, 01:31 PM
Big Chili, I was confused and thought you were concerned about the bulbs breaking.

I too stare at my tanks for hours on end. My husband is pretty understanding though!