View Full Version : does a regular photoperiod for banggai's matter?

08/27/2001, 03:52 PM

I am trying to breed Banggai's (no luck yet although its only been 1.5months since i put them in the tank, they are about 2 inches from the nose to where their tail splits into a "V") One thing that doesn't usually remain constant is my photoperiod, I turn it on when i get up, and turn it off when i go to bed, its usually on from anywhere between 10-14hours a day, starting and ending at various different times. My question is do you think the banggai's might be more inclined to spawn/ be of bennifit, if they are given a more regular photoperiod? Thanks

08/27/2001, 10:44 PM
great question.
So there are no real details on this specifically...however i can tell you that if your room where the fish tank is gets light in the morning, and gets dark @ night them this is more than adequate as a photoperiod.
So when i was full scale breeding banggais I used flor lamps on timers, on @ 9am -off at 8:30pm. my fish bred well.
Now onto your Q?
my feeling is that these fish when fat, happy and a pair will breed in total darkness, but i have no proof of this.
So your fish have only been in your tank for 1.5 month? this is still pretty early, but since your fish sound like they are adults, and are not fighting this might mean you have 2 females or a pair....
So far so good for you...I would keep feeding them and make them as happy as possible

So I guess i would say to you that I would buy a el cheapo timer and see if this changes the fishes behavior, and them report this back to me.