View Full Version : anyone used ahsupplys canopy for the 2x36w lights?

08/15/2001, 11:21 AM
i ordered my lights (2x36w kit) along w/ a conopy because i had acl surgery and do not have the time to make a canopy.

so, how are they? i will need to cut the back to accomidate for a hang out filter for water movement (and to hide the heater in) right? should be easy to do. any other cutting i should do? ventilation?

leave the waters surface open right?? no glass top? it says to use these cannopys w/ glass tops but do i have to?

can't wait to start my mini reef but i am not excited to get rid of my 55ggal reef :(
will work better for moving and school though


08/15/2001, 02:05 PM
I dont know if my hood is like AHsupply's. I built it follwing thier blueprints but I believe mine is taller. I dont use a hood because it helps keep my tank at the 80F I like it at. I also have a fan blowing down on the ballast and water though.

You will get saltcreep on the reflector and bulbs though. Also do NOT buy one of the fans they sell at AHsupply, youd be better off paying $7 at walmart for a clipon fan then spending $30 at ahsupply for their kit.

Also you might want to replace AHsupply acitinc bulb with something else. You can go to marinedepot and get a REALUX bulb and they work better and provide more light, they also have 7100K and 12000K bulbs there.

I used an AHSUPPLY acitinic and it absolutely sucked, very poor par and it wasnt real acitinic..



08/15/2001, 02:08 PM
great, now that i order the actinic i find out they suck

u have a product # or a link so i don't get the wrong bulb??


08/15/2001, 02:16 PM
sorry lunchbucket, I was in the same boat too...
Heres the website, they are called REALUX and they do fit in the AHSUPPLY sockets

Realux 12000K blue bulbs (http://marinedepot.com/a_lt_pc_bulb.asp?CartId=)

goodluck, and I would suggest you pick up a 2.5 gallon kent aquadoser and a powersweep 212. I have these both in my tank.
The aquadoser keeps my tank water level constant(plus its kalkwasser) and the powersweep keeps the corals happy, my SPS love it! Just be sure to use teh spong prefilter and clean it every 3-4 months.



08/15/2001, 02:44 PM
actually, this one answers my post too.

re the powersweeps, I've heard nothing good about them, you're the first person I've heard say anything nice. are the a newer model?

08/15/2001, 02:48 PM
bought mine in may and its been working since then. Keep in mind its not PERFECT, occasionally it does stop moving, thats usually because some cyano made some sand float up and get caught int he powersweep. I havent cleaned it out yet and it still turns. Keep in mind I AM using a sponge prefilter that comes with it. Also the nozzle is pointed to the side to let the flow push it. All in all its a good $14 i spent on ti, not too bad...


08/15/2001, 03:13 PM
thanks nvillacci. i have a hagen power head (201) that i will use. not really into the powersweep thing.

as for the doser..i have a 3 gallon jug that i will use for kalk top off. just need to get a ramp clip that you have on iv's.

i will see what the ahsupply light is like...then i will get a relux one if need be.

thanks a lot

08/15/2001, 03:17 PM
HEy they have replcement hoses for the aquadoser at marinedepot. You could call and see what the hose consist of, but if I'm ot wrong it comes withthe littel regulator that controls teh drip rate. I think it cost $11 but its a very long hose and comes with a drip counter and everything needed to make a doser(except the container for water).

Might save you lots of trouble!

Check it out at marinedepot.

Hope I helped..


08/15/2001, 03:17 PM
I got the canopy from AH Supply!!!!

It fits perfectly inside the lip of a standard 10 gallon tank (I think that is what your using from a previous post of yours)...

I am using the canopy for 3 13 watt kits from AH Supply i went with the three 13 watts because of my coral selection and the fact that I could fit all three ballasts inside the hood. I'm not sure but I'm sure you will have to mount the ballasts outside your hood. (If you go with the one from AH Supply)

Cutting out the back will be a problem - I was going to do the same to accomadate a skimmer- but I'm sureyou will have to mount one "Reflector" along the back and one reflector along the front and that means that even if you cut out the back of the hood - the reflector will still be there and you wouldn't want to cut that....

As far as ventalation - there is a slot left open down the middle of the hood...

why am i typing this - I have pictures of it....

Look here
CLICK HERE THEN CLICK ON SETUP!!!! (http://www.bigchili.com/nano)

Another picture I have from the top -


i hope this helps - if you need more detailed pictures - let me know and i can email you some more...

08/15/2001, 03:25 PM
yeah that helps thanks!!

i won't need much room for the water to return to the tank from a hang on filter. hope it doesn't get in the way like in your case. if i does i will just make the hood taller so i can cut the slot out and not have it hit the reflector.

about the dose line that is a good idea. i might just get a doser anyhow.