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08/09/2001, 12:19 AM
I would like to have a nano reef setup (10 gallon) at my apartment at college (Penn State)

the problem is that there are a few times that I won't be at my apartment for a considerable amount of time (more than a week) namely thanksgiving break, spring break, christmas break, and part of summer break...

as much as I would like to keep a reef, I know that I will have to be present to do basic stuff, and if i go on these breaks, I won't be able to...

now I know I can take the tank home with me during these breaks, but my question is... will all the traveling cause too much stress on the tank??? if so, what are some options that I may pursue?

08/09/2001, 12:26 AM
How much long of a trip is it between your home and your dorm?

08/09/2001, 12:54 AM
BigDog, Keeping a reef is a great responsibility and can be time consuming. If you would like to keep a nano at college I would suggest that you not place any fish in the tank because they need to eat often. You could on the other hand place some nice corals and invertebrates in the tank and when you decide to go home for the holidays do a good water change and have some kind of top off system that will keep your water at the proper levels while you are gone. Timbo makes some real nice topoff units and I'm sure if you asked him he could build you one that would suit your needs. HTH;)

08/09/2001, 11:28 PM
i live roughly 4 hrs away...

08/10/2001, 08:12 AM
As long as you have top off(kent makes a good one) a week should be no problem just make sure the fish are well fed a week before hand. As for longer then a week, like 2 weeks. I would try one of the cheap autofeeders. Of course I would test it out before I actually left though. Fish can survive with 1 feeding a week if they have to, remember a mature tank has food where you cant see it... I know mine has tons of 1/4 inch anthropods, not to mention tons of copopods in it the fish can eat.


08/12/2001, 02:06 AM
I agree with Nick. The main concern would be top off I think. The evap is the thing that will need the most attention. In a week your salinty could reach dangerous levels. A top off device and/or maybe dropping the salinity to like .021 before you leave. .026 would be the highest I personally would want the salt to reach. I would not want to leave a nano unattended without such a top off device which would keep up with the exaporation.

I have left my fish for a week unfed by anyone. They feed on the pods I guess. Upon returning they did not seem the least bit undernourished.