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11/07/2003, 07:33 AM
I got my Tunzes (T24 kit) yesterday and I must say they are pretty impressive. I have slight sand storm going on but I expect it to clear fairly soon as the sand bed becomes more established.
When it does I'll post some pics.

The few fish that I have have really responded to the current. Especially Tendar's old Tusk that is now missing an eye and a few fins.


11/09/2003, 07:13 PM
Where do you have the streams located/pointing?
I also have a sand problem running my streams... I have to have them mounted on the sides of the tank, towards the front. This leads to sorta nasty aesthetics. I also found I had to acclimate all my coral to the flow... and everytime I recieve new frags I have to acclimate them to the flow too. I am getting some dead spots in the back of my tank, so I tried adding two MJ 1200s but then I get a nasty sandstorm... gonna try the next step down from 1200s.

11/09/2003, 10:16 PM
I have no sand storm from the pumps. I did for the first day but now everything is cool. I have the pumps in the upper back corner on either side of the tank. They blow diagonally across the tank.

The have the multicontroller set to pulse mode 1-7 sec intervals and 100%-30% setting. How big is your tank?

11/09/2003, 10:30 PM
Mojo its a 120 with a lot of rock... I would love to have the pumps set the way you do, but the rock would just block it out, and then a few of the corals would get blasted, while others in the middle front wouldnt get any flow.
I definitely will be designing the next tank much differently so that I dont need these streems. I plan on using a closed loop with a motorized ball valve. The ball valve will switch between sides of the tank. Each side will have several different outlets of lockline so I can manipulate them into make the flow go right where i want it. Should get some great flow from that. Better than sea swirls anyways =D.

You got your rockwork/coral all setup yet in the tank?

11/09/2003, 10:34 PM
I just re-aquascaped this afternoon and put my corals in. I haven't added the canopy yet so everybody will have to deal with VHOs until next weekend when I can fire up the halides.

I like my tunzes and I'm thinking about adding 1 more.

11/10/2003, 10:03 AM
Skeets you don't like sea swirls? I was originally going only with them but I have six holes across the back of my tank and think they might be enough with a couple SCWD's. I had one SS and like it, but I was going to add two more. I need to make up my mind soon.

My options are:

1) Sump return through SCWD & 2 Streams
2) Sump return through SCWD and 3 SS on a CL
3) Sump return through SCWD and MBV alternating to 4x 3/4" loc-line, 2 on each side
4) Sump return through SCWD and 2 more SCWD's on a CL.

#1 is the easiest, #4 is the cheapest, #2 seems like the best alternating flow, #3 seems logical but I have no idea how these work.

What do you guys think? Tank is 44x28x28 and will be a mixed lot - several SPS but lots of LPS and a few clams also.

11/10/2003, 02:11 PM
I have a SCWD running off a closed loop using a little giant 3 MDQ-SC. It works great. I have 2 maxijet 1000s at opposite corners which i turn on and off at whim and a MAG 7 running back from the sump/refugium. I like the SCWD and will prob add more later to my next tank.


11/10/2003, 03:01 PM

I PM'ed you, since this is about Tunze's Turbelle Streams and didn't want to get OT in this thread.

11/10/2003, 09:05 PM
Fliger, I dont have anything against Sea Swirls. I mean certain options are more practical than others, and a Sea Swirl is one of the easier to do options if you did not design the tank exactly around flow issues.
Heck I would like to Add Sea swirls on my tank as is, but it isnt possible with how the holes were drilled. I learned my lessons, I like the streams as they are my best option. All I was saying is that I plan to come up with a flow system better than sea swirls in a new tank. I guess I sounded a little more down on the sea swirls than I really am.... It is just that people think sea swirls are really great when in reality there are better things out there if you design them right >:D And lets hope I can just do that and dont have to eat my words.

11/10/2003, 09:20 PM
Oh I'm just looking for opinions. I need to check out mojo's before I make the investment. mxtang had some good ideas. I always guessed that the most reef-like duplication would be a tank drilled for 3-4 sea swirls since it's totally random and there is never really a constant flow on a coral in any direction.

I just have very limited time now and don't want to deal with the hastles of plumbing so the Streams might be my best option since it's easy to dial them back. Plus if I don't like them they sell like crazy used.

Are they in stock and available now? I haven't really been on RC much lately I'll check - but if someone knows where I could get a pair that'd be great.

11/10/2003, 11:00 PM
contact Oceanrealm on RC. He hooked me up with my set...