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10/22/2007, 11:48 PM
So I am walking through my kitchen and glance over at my tank which sits on my bar. I noticed something weird sticking out of the return nozzle. It looked like so type of worm but after a closer inspection I noticed a couple of legs as well. It was a shell-less white and black hermit that I have never seen before.

The really weird thing is where I found him. I cant for the life of me figure out how he made it there. He would of had to go over the surface skimmer then through the tiny grate to get in the first chamber. He then would have had to go through the second chamber which houses my Sapphire skimmer and up the wall to make the overflow into the third chamber. In my third chamber I have two pieces of rubble rock sitting on top of the Maxijet 1200 return pump. I know he didnt come from the rock because it sat outside my house for a couple of months and there isnt any hole big enough for him to hide in and they are more like dimples on the rock surface. On top of all that he somehow had to make it through the maxijet without getting chopped to pieces. He is about the size of the intake on the pump. I cant figure this out. I put him back in the tank next to some empty shells so I will be intrested to see where he ends up next.

10/24/2007, 10:55 PM
he could have climbed up the silicone joints in the tank and then over to the return hose, along the hose and some how wedged himself into the pipe...it would be impossible for him to have gone the other way with out dieing...also being a hermit he doesn't need and water to survive quite a while..could have been hiding in a small hole.

i have a very nimble little zebra hermit in my sump that was living my cheato and has now crawled over into the sediment portion of the sump...which means he has to up and over and under the baffles...once a week i through him back into the cheato...i dont think he realizes how hard it is for me to reach into the sediment part of the sump...that is only 12x4 inches with a drainline and filter sock plus a skimmer in there...