View Full Version : Change Of Plans

10/12/2007, 09:18 PM
Incase anyone shows up and there is no one at that Round Table, I just got a call and word is we're meeting at the pizza place at the Dolce Plaza that is out on the way to the airport.

10/13/2007, 07:32 PM
Hey I wasn't able to meet at the last meeting but when are they meeting every month? I am going to be setting up my first SW tank here pretty soon.

10/13/2007, 08:32 PM
The second Friday of every month.

Check out www.chicoreefclub.com (http://www.chicoreefclub.com)

10/15/2007, 03:21 PM
iairj84 You are more then welcome to come by the next meeting and run your ideas for an intended set up by the club and see if we can help imrove it, or just tell you, you're set with what you are doing.
You can start a thread on here to if you want to bounce some ideas off of us too.

Going by the information you provided you have no saltwater exp, but 10 years of freshwater. That is a great start, there is only a slight bit more to saltwater if you are going fish only, a little more if you are going to be doing a soft coral reef, and a lot more if you are going to be doing hard corals.
What size tank are you starting with, and what kind of filtration and lighting?
Are you going to start with "Live" products like Live rock, and Live sand, or are you going to do the long cycle time period?
The fact that you have already joined reefcentral and found the Chico area club tells us that you have already been doing the research, so I am impressed already.
I personally jumpped from freshwater to saltwater with no research, I just got an itch to do it one weekend.
I was off to a good but slow start then after week six I crashed, then I tried again and after about 3 months I crashed again.
I discovered my problems <which were pretty much every mistake you can make> and corrected them.
My tank has now been up and running well for about 18 months, had a few close calls, but spotted them, and corrected them each time.....so far.....

So anyways if you feel like it start a new thread and tell us a little about you, and about your intended set up.