View Full Version : Label your frag swap frags!

09/24/2007, 12:00 PM
Just a reminder, if you are going to the Dixon Frag swap.

You need to frag as soon as you can so that they have time to heal over by the frag swap, or atleast heal as much as they can by then.

You will need to either double bag each frag or place each frag in an individual resealable container. I usually buy the 8 pack of Glad mini rounds they are a half cup in size and hold a decent frag very well.

Each frag needs to be labeled with as much information as possible, but preferablly has:

Scientific name:
Common name:
water flow:


Scientific name: Zoanthids
Common name: Zoos, zoas, etc...
Description: "eagle eyes" Yellow/green skirts, orange disk
Lighting: 324w T5 fixture <about 14k coloration>
Water flow: Medium

This shows my tank conditions. You can add more info if you have room, or want to.