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08/26/2007, 07:37 PM
Greetings all,

Sorry I haven't posted before but...well life you know.

So today Wendy and I upgraded to the 80g tank. *yeay* The 80 looks so much bvetter then the 55 did. The little beasts have much more room now to play in.

The rock looks better as well imho. More caves and ledges rather the the big pile we had in the 55. I'll get some pics posted soonish.

We had a great time at the meeting and are planning on makeing it to as many of them as we can in the future.

Current beasts in the tank include...
Salefin Tang
Yellow Tang
"Reguler" clown fish
Black Clown fish
striped or lawnmower blenny
blue cromius
2 banded coral shrimp
2 cleaner shrimp
2 pencil urchins
3 pepermrnt shrimp
blood shrimp
a rose? annomie
a white anenomie
assorted hermit crabs and snails.

Tones of red/green mushrooms
some red/brown soft polup coral
green/white candycain? polups
a xathia frag
a red plate frag from fish ect.
a small patch of a green star palup

I'm sure there is something I missed in there...

Pictures comming soon, maybe after someone can help me with the proper names of the corals.


08/26/2007, 11:53 PM
Bob, take some pictures and we can help you id the corals through the pictures.

Let me know if you want any frags.

Can't wait to see pics!

08/27/2007, 10:31 AM
Hi Bob and Wendy,

I missed the first meeting but will be at the next one and am looking forward to meeting you.

I bet those fish are happy campers with lots more room to roam.

Looking forward to seeing some pics.