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08/16/2007, 01:56 AM
Attached is a PDF of the Chico Reef Club Bylaws that I'm submitting to the club for review. It is based almost entirely off of MARS' Bylaws that they have posted on their website www.marineaquarist.org. It's only four pages so please take five minutes to read and understand them.

We will address ratifying it during the September meeting. Any change requests should be posted here for all to review before the meeting on the second friday of the month - September 14 at 7pm. Of course, simple gramatical errors I will gladly change without fuss if pointed out before the meeting. First, at the meeting, I will accept any and all change requests. I will then take each request, if any, to the floor for debate after the person who originally requested the change has a chance to support reason for the change. We will then vote on that request and continue in succession until all change requests are complete. Once all issues are complete and the quorum is satisfied, there will be a vote to ratify the bylaws for the club.

Afterwhich, (assuming the bylaws are ratified) we will have an election for the following positions. President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Librarian, Web Master, and Public Relations. Please feel free to nominate anyone you feel would be good for these positions because I find most people don't immediately stand up for them. And if no one stands up or is nominated, expect me to pick on anyone that attends. Since this is a startup and the bylaws as written now state elections take place at the end of odd years, it may just be that these positions are just for four months. We can decide that later.

Please let me know, after you've read them, what you think.:D

Thanks for your time.:bum:

08/16/2007, 02:19 AM
To start with I'll describe how the Officer positions relate to our current club status.

1) President - there isn't any admin or real club organization yet. We have a web page and people that come to meetings. Lots to do... :D

2) Vice-President - main job - back up the president but also Coordinate the monthly meeting events

3) Secretary - orgainize member list, create & issue member cards, take meeting minutes, prepare annual report.

4) Treasurer - nothing at this point. We need to figure if we're going to register as a non-profit and then open a bank account. Then if we want to charge for membership I think we'll be alright. also prepare annual report.

5) Web Master - Kane (Savage) is it right now. He created the web page and maintains it. Anyone else want to help him out we'll need to talk with him first as the web page is his baby.

6) Librarian - nothing at this point. If anyone has any reef or marine related literature that you'd like to donate to the club to start our library, please let me know. But once we get stuff, this person would bring the library to the meetings and handle the checkout and return of the media. This includes annoying the crap out of people who fail to return books - or just cash their deposit check ;).

7) Public Relations - Right now probably the most critical to our club's success. First get out there to let people know about the club. The best source is people visiting LFS's, signs, talking with them about the club. Talk to the owner's and employees - see if they can tell people about the club. Joel's efforts by far have created the largest numbers from what I gather. Further coordinate with the LFS to arrange membership discounts, Round Table or other applicable restaurants discounts, and coordinate raffle items and ticket sales - again the latter once we get treasurer worked out.

That being said (and that's a lot) maybe we can have the other non-busy officers help out with that one. In fact, we all represent the club so lets keep a postive outlook on our hobby and club. I'd like to get this boring but important stuff out of the way as fast as we can but I imagine it might take 5 minutes or it could take an hour to ratify that thing. Depends on how many people actualy care. Elections will take about 15-30 minutes. Mike said his presentation will be short but I can see it taking about 15 min at least. Then we'll have the sand swap and if we have anything to raffle we'll do that then. And if anyone offers to show their tank after the next meeting, please let me know.

I'm getting tired now. Good night.


08/16/2007, 02:25 AM
For those unfamiliar Robert's Rules of Order I'm also attaching that which can be found at the MARS website. A rule set to understand what will be used if needed. It's basically a set of rules on how to orgainze a group meeting with due care and respect for all. But you have to know the rules to play. I'll warn you - this is a long read.:strooper:

Opps your in luck - file 237kb is too big to attach. Go to www.marineaquarist.org for that one its called. RobertsRulesOfOrder.pdf

08/16/2007, 02:28 AM
So this one is fun - a brief 3 page description and down and dirty session on how Robert's Rules works.


Oh yeah, keep in mind this is only used as a guideline mainly and only pulled out when needed. So don't be scared if you don't understand this stuff.

08/16/2007, 09:12 AM

I would like to nominate myself for Public Relations. I have been told I have a big mouth so I guess I could put it to good work. Unless there is someone else who is interested in the position I think that it would be something I would really like to do.

Melissa:D :D :D

08/16/2007, 09:13 AM
WOWZERS lots of stuff to read. Is there a condensed version?:D ;) :p :cool:

I think the elections and figuring out membership, etc shouldn't take too long, I'm thinking people are going to be so excited about the sand swap, etc that they will vote very quickly. My presentation (I better start on it some more) will be quick.

Also I was thinking for certain positions like public relations and secretary, we could have more than one person doing it. I mean what if one person is sick, the other secretary could back up for him/her. For public relations, two people could do a lot.

Also I was thinking if we want to do a raffle on the Oct meeting or even the Sept meeting, people could donate a frag or two, donate a piece of used equipment, and maybe the LFS could donate a small item like fish food, etc just to start off. Then the Public Relations officer could work on seeing if more stores and people could donate something. I figure, we may not have a lot to raffle but getting something free is better than getting nothing at all! :D

08/16/2007, 09:19 AM
Hey Melissa I want to be public relations too! I can make signs and talk to people about joining the club too.

I was thinking earlier that for public relations there should be more than one person doing it and one of them has to be a female because stores, people, etc respond better to a female than to a male. I mean, if a guy walks up to a stranger in a Fish store and talks to them about joining the reef club or even talks to them about reef tanks, they might get defensive and say in there head "who is this weirdo" whereas if it was a female going up to another female or male, they accept it more. LOL:)

I have no doubt you could probably get stores to donate a bunch of stuff too!

08/16/2007, 09:28 AM
Ok so women are better than men is that what you are saying!:D :D

No, but I agree with you about people being more receptive to women walking up to them and talking to them than they do with men. GUILTY OF THAT MYSELF!!!

I was taught to share as a kid so we could maybe share this job. I again have a big mouth and a way of wheedling (asking nicely) things out of people.

Being a woman gives me the advantage because people don't run when they see me coming to talk to them, well maybe only sometimes.


So I think that with 2 of us we could get the word out and maybe get some good discounts or donations from some of the LFS.

I would like chris to weigh in on this and see what he thinks about it too.

08/16/2007, 09:38 AM
Melissa, you and Cindy would make great PR officers! Thats if Cindy likes to talk and approach people and stores.

Anyone have any of those raffle tickets used for parties laying around? If so, I'm sure I can get Chris over at Pet Works to donate like a 5-10 store credit for the club. I can donate a few fish magazines I'm not reading as well.

08/16/2007, 07:34 PM
Actually, we can all be PR people!!! For as much word about the club as we can get out - the better!!! :D :D

I need to read these posts but I just got home and need to feed my daughter.

As far as the attached reading goes with limited time... please just read the bylaws. The rest has to do with RRO (Roberts Rules of Order) - if you are already familar with parlimentary procedures than you can skip it. :D Like I said earlier - RRO are used mainly as a guideline but will be fully inacted if needed.

As far as more than one person for the position - I'm against it. These positions represent one person, however a subcommitte that works for said officer (say PR) could be created to help out. But for responsibility, one person needs to hold the specific position and can then delegate. But ultimate responsibilty falls on the elected person. That way things get accomplished more efficently and effectively. Like my wife's parents say who run a business together, "We fired 'WE' a long time ago; either you do it or I do." ;) Hope that helps.

08/16/2007, 07:55 PM
Whoever becomes PR, I will be part of the subcommittee and help them and give them som tips, advice, etc. I don't think I'm going to run for any office.

08/17/2007, 01:18 PM
That's too bad Mike I would've liked to nominate you for VP - but one cant' make anyone want to do it - without a gun I suppose :D ;). But I understand with school starting up.

By the way, Article II, Section - A takes care of any potential problem with a conflict of interest situation.

I'd like to nominate myself for President by default of incumbency. :D

That still leaves four positions if we assume Kane stays Web Master. In addition to the monthly meetings, these other positions will only take as much time as you put into them right now. After all, who doesn't want to see this club succeed?

And if you think you don't have time - check this: I work full time and watch my 2y.o. after work while my wife works at a restaurant. I'm studying for my professional engineering exam, I'm the ASME's Human Powered Vehicle Competition (HPVC) coordiantor for the three conferences that take place East Coast, West Coast, and South America. That and I have a solar sales & design company on the side. Reef aquaria is pretty much the only hobby I can afford (time & fiscally) right now and even that is becoming in question. ;) All I'm trying to say here is you can do it and I can help you with these positions - in fact, we're all here to help the club to move to the next level - which to me is to get it to have structure, increased activity, and staying power.

I think the biggest thing we need to do besides getting more people to attend, is create meeting events and start the raffle as soon as possible. If people feel they can actually get something out of the meeting (take home something they've won or become more enlightened about reef keeping than before the meeting. ;) ) then they're much more likely to show interest and come again. Why do you think I go down to Sacramento?

08/17/2007, 01:21 PM
By the way Melissa, Thanks for nominating yourself!!! :D :bounce1: If there is no one else who runs for that position it will be a simple yeah/neah vote. Sorry I've started my reply's on a Word Doc (check my spelling) and got distracted last night.

Anyone Else?

08/17/2007, 07:29 PM
I think Melissa told me she was considering being secretary of the reef club and not public relations.

08/20/2007, 05:08 PM
Ok, anyone have any suggestions after reviewing the bylaws. Again, it's only four pages and it forms the foundation and next direction the club will go.

Thanks Mike, I'll be happy to electronically nominate Melissa for Secretary even though we've never met in person.

08/20/2007, 08:07 PM
Isn't electronically the only way to do anything anymore. :D :D :D

I would love to be secretary, I have no life (just call me the zookeeper) 1 dog, 6 cats, a 50 gallon reef tank, a 30 gallon reef tank (belongs to hubby), a 50 gallon all fish tank with a new anemone and tomato, a lobster, a sailfin tang, and a flame angel. A 10 gallon freshwater aquarium with 7 fish, 10 ghost shrimp, and 1 algae eater that doesn't eat algae. And a 9 year old daughter who thinks she is 35. Oh!! and a guinea pig. And hopefully soon a Yorkie puppy.

And yes Mike I did not buy any more corals because I know that you are going to have some for me at the next meeting.;) ;) ;) ;) ;)

Oh yeah and some dendros and cesps!!!!!!!!!!!:eek1:


08/20/2007, 08:28 PM
Your gonna be out of a lot of dough when you get a yorkie.......those dogs are expensive.

I will bring some ricordias for sale at the next meeting along with some zoos, yellow gorgonia frags, and blue clove polyps. I can make some blue cesp frags but they aren't going to be cheap though. Frags of cesp are going to run about $50.

08/25/2007, 01:14 PM
OK Gang,

Things are progressing nicely. I would like to summarize the nominations for what I am aware of now:

President Nomination - Chris Bovia (boviac)

Secretary Nomination - Melissa (missyshrout)

Web Master - Kane (Savage)

That leaves the remaining positions wide open:

Vice President
Public Relations

Further, anyone can still run for a position that someone else has already been nominated for.

08/25/2007, 11:18 PM
i'll nominate myself for VP. i have plenty of time to help get this going. i dont know what is expected and i certainly dont have chris' brains, but i'll do my best.

08/25/2007, 11:26 PM
Hey Josh, Great!!! Thanks!
add to the list above:

Vice President - Josh (kinghokus420)

08/27/2007, 09:39 AM
If you ever need any advice from BAR, I can be reached at jadub2@yahoo.com
I helped CVR get going a few years ago and I think the more local clubs we have, the better.
Go Chico!-Jim (BAR VP)

08/27/2007, 10:28 AM
Josh that is great! Now we need just a few more volunteers and we will be set!

08/27/2007, 03:59 PM
Jim (bookfish),

Thanks, I'll be in contact with you when I have a chance.

Yes, it's exciting to have all this help and support!

Keep the word out about the club!

09/12/2007, 12:51 AM

Everyone this is an important task to cover at this meeting this Friday. If you haven't taken the time to read & understand these four pages, please do so now. Thanks and I look forward to seeing everyone there.


09/12/2007, 12:56 AM
Also, I'm assuming that no one who has read the bylaws to date has any problems, questions, or concerns about the way they are written and will be implemented. If so, please post them here.

Thanks again,