View Full Version : Events planned for next months meeting, need input

08/13/2007, 10:48 AM
Alright guys, here are some of the planned events for next months meeting:

<---Introduction. We didn't really introduce ourselves last time. We can just say our names, size of tank, and favorite kind of corals we like (sps, lps, softies, etc)

<---Electing various officers like Chris had mentioned

<---Presentation by me on zoanthids. I call it "Dummies guide to zoanthids"

<---Sand swap. Bring a little cup of some sand and swap it with someone else. Note, if you have pests like brown flatworms on your sand, PLEASE do not give them to others!!!

<---Macroalgae swap -bring some macro algae if you want and trade it with others.

<---Coral sell/trade. What you think about that Chris? On MARS its a big event but our club is small so it will be a small event. Wouldn't take long at all. It would be like how Joel sold a few rics on the last meeting. I was thinking if anyone had stuff they fragged and wanted to pawn off or trade, that would be good.

NOTE: If anyone is going to bring corals to trade or sell, probably need to start a thread "Corals I'm bringing to next meeting" That way someone can say what they will bring, how much they want or what they will trade and someone else can chime in on what they can bring, etc. That way we don't have 10 people bringing xenias.

SHould take only one hour or a bit longer. I'm not long winded so my presentation will be like 5 mins. :D :D :D

08/13/2007, 11:12 AM
Mike, Great agenda!!! - again something that probably shouldn't be posted on public forum until it is concrete. However, no damage here since there is only the beginning of structure. Again I do appreciate your seemingly undying enthusasium and all that you are doing to motivate me and others.

As for anyone wanting to get rid of coral at a meeting, posting about it on this forum and concluding the transaction at the meeting - GREAT - that's one of the benifits of the club. The MARS frag swap ( or any other) is simply a larger gathering dedicated to that cause. I know there have been times after fragging I want to get rid of coral NOW and not wait six more months. So sure, frag at will.

I would however, suggest saving some for the frag swap in October.

08/13/2007, 11:24 AM
Chris, what frag swap in October? The MARS swap or are you planning like a redding/chico swap?