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07/31/2007, 10:33 AM
As a Newbie, that would be great and it would help with alot of information for someone who is planing on spending alot of time in this particular hobby.

Although I do agree with Chris and say lets get a first meeting going and maybe discuss some of these options.

I am sooooooooo looking forward to learning more about all of this wonderful stuff.


So I'm a geek, sue me.

07/31/2007, 11:48 AM

Your heading 'LFS store'... I'm not sure how that relates to your message. I am assuming possibly that you might mean to have the club meeting at the LFS?

After talking with members of the existing club in Sacramento (MARS), it is not a good idea to mix the club and LFS. It is possibly to raffle items and plug the LFS that donated said raffle items. For the most part MARS purchases their raffle items and has a clear distinction from the LFS. However, several of their LFS provide a 10% (sometimes 20%) discount (not on tanks or salt) to keep the member support for local commerce which I highly encourage.

We can discuss this more at the meeting. But please keep all your ideas and comments coming. I look forward to meeting all of you - again.


07/31/2007, 02:45 PM
Chris is right about not mixing club and lfs together.

MARS is huge and I think people have to pay to join the club and the money from membership dues they use to buy stuff for raffles if I am correct. Chico will get to that point one day I'm sure! We just need more Melissa's out there that are on fire for reefs! :D

What we can do is, perhaps afte the meeting, everyone can meet up at the LFS and look for stuff. If we are going to do that, then perhaps later on, the meeting could be held earlier instead of later because most places close at 7pm.

07/31/2007, 06:14 PM
MARS also pays for speakers to come to the club mtgs. The membership costs is nominal, $25 year, and seems to go a long way. They have a well established club and membership. They even have a library where sometimes expensive and rare reef books are available for checkout (nominal cost/deposit). I think the sale of raffle tickets for the most part buys the next raffle items as well as donations from reefers (frags) and LFS. MARS is hosting a reef equiment garage sale at their next meeting August 17. That, for the most part, is my guestimate of how that club works.

I've pondered the option of holding a meeting at the neighboring food vendors to the LFS on Forest Ave or on East Ave. Of course the time for the meeting does present a problem for stores that close at 7pm. I would suggest under those conditions 1) stores stay open later (but that would mean we would need to buy things to warrant that) or more likely 2) shop at the store before the meeting since the meeting will be near the LFS. We can talk about that for a future meeting and it will depend on how many people begin to come to the meetings.