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07/30/2007, 12:52 AM
Hey Chris, have you finalized the Aug 10th meeting?

If so, lets kick it off with a bang by putting signs out in front of Fish Etc, Pet Works, and Reef Connections (with their permissions) about the meeting and all so we can get more people interested in the club.

Make simple signs stating "Come join the Chico Reef Club at XXXX Date and Time @ Round Table Pizza on Pillsbury Road"

I'd like to meet other reefers in this area and be able to get them onto reefcentral so that the club can use RC more and communicate more on here. The website is kind of dead...and it doesn't work on my comp! Maybe firefox conflicts with it.

Let me know and I will be sure to tell some people that i know of to come to the meeting. I might be able to make it too!

07/30/2007, 11:14 AM
Hi Mike, Maybe posts like this should be sent via PM or email but if you're simply trying to gather support for the club meeting - I'm all for it.

I'm going to hold off until after hearing from Joel if there was any feedback from the Sunday meeting and three more days on-line.

Yes, after that we'll be go to post flyers and and promote.

However, we don't have a Host Tank for the follow up after that meeting? Any offers?

Please email Kane on the www.chicoreefclub.com and inform him if you're unable to use that web page. Opps try this since you are unable to access the page - if I understand you correctly.


07/30/2007, 11:36 AM
Chris, Kane isn't even around anymore. I mean when is the last time you heard from him? Joel hasn't even heard from him.

The Aug 10 meeting doesn't have to have a host tank, just a simple get together that hopefully a bunch of people come and then we can all brainstorm on what people would like to see from the club, etc.

What do you think about a twice a month meeting?

07/30/2007, 06:35 PM
I spoke with Kane about a week ago when I needed help to login to the CRC site. Yes, he is currently not in Chico but still has a reef tank here and is the one maintaining the web page. I sensed he agreed with the meeting change and would update the change to the webpage once the decision was made.

No, the meeting will go with a tank host or not. I believe it would just be great to be able to follow up the meeting with a tank setup to see and get to know what each other has and and allow memebers to proudly show off their hard work.

One of the meeteing formats the Sac club (MARS) is doing is group discussion forums and I think that is something we could do as well. I think we could all learn from others discussions. Some of us are better orators than typists.

As for this twice a month meeting... I think it should be kept to one thread so I'll discuss it on the other one.