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  2. Welcome to the Joliet Area Reef CLub!
  3. For prospective members:
  4. Hosts needed for JARC meetings
  6. JARCers, please read.
  7. Nominees needed for officers
  8. Tentative First meeting announcement
  9. Joliet Herald News Article!
  10. ***Announcing JARC's 1st Club Meeting!***
  11. if your
  12. Reef Depot
  13. Chaeto at the first JARC meeting.
  14. Road Trip After First Meeting?
  15. soli's
  16. Long Polyped GSP's at Meeting
  17. Alright....what did I miss?
  18. couldn't get off work
  19. Just a little reminder for all of us to be vigilant.....things WILL go wrong....
  20. 1st meeting RECAP!
  21. SLASH Frag Swap
  22. Happy "Talk like a Pirate" day!!!
  23. Club Announcement 9-19-07
  24. Where to go? Where not to go?
  25. Announcing the October JARC Meeting
  26. Date set for board meeting!
  27. PanWorld v.s. Quiet One
  28. First official BNARC coral conference
  29. Behind the Scenes at the Shedd Aquarium
  30. Regarding the Oct meeting - members input please
  31. newt thread on the diy forum thought i'd share
  32. Joliet Area Reef Club Site Now Up And Running!!!
  33. Reminder: JARC Board meeting this Wednesday
  34. stomatellas for trade
  35. Recap of board meeting
  36. What do YOU want out of your membership??? Everyone should read this!!!
  37. 5 days and not a single post?
  38. New Site Up And Running!
  39. can anyone cut acrylic?
  40. Directions for Oct 25th meeting sent out
  41. OCt 25th Meeting RSVP
  42. sand swap oct 25th
  43. free chromis and some coral
  44. Does anyone know what's up with the Joliet reef site.
  45. I think the meeting went well.
  46. meeting
  47. http://jolietareareefclub.com/forums
  48. CMAS frag swap
  49. jolietareareefclub.com??
  50. MARS FRAG SWAP 4.0 - Madison, WI 1/27/08
  51. When did this forum start????
  52. 4th Annual MTRC Frag Swap
  53. hey, what are your guys fav stores around the joliet area??
  54. Chaeto...Free for the taking....
  55. Warning to All Joliet /Plainfield area Reefers...
  56. Want to buy a Frag tank or Biocube 29G
  57. anyone want a citron gobey?
  58. 5-stage RO/DI Unit raffle at JARC